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Wilfrid Laurier University Development
February 6, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Faculty of Science


The Faculty of Science offers a unique combination of applied and social sciences; from Community Psychology to Biotechnology. Outstanding faculty advance knowledge while contributing important discoveries to our university, our community and our world.

We pride ourselves on intimate; hands-on learning experiences, innovative programs, grad studies and centres of excellence. We offer community partnerships and connections, while our smaller classes and labs enable students to learn experientially and grow through individual relationships with faculty and staff.

Dedicated to collaboration, the Faculty offers selected high-quality academic programs in Biology, Chemistry, Health Sciences, Kinesiology & Physical Education, Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science and Psychology.

Research Centres of Excellence:
Centre for Community Research, Learning and Action
Laurier Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience
Laurier Institute for Water Science
Sun Life Financial Laurier Movement Disorders Research and Rehabilitation Centre
Centre for Cold Regions and Water Science


Centre for Cold Regions and Water Science is introducing several new research and teaching initiatives, including an inter-faculty undergraduate program in water sciences, training BSc students in Biology, Chemistry and Geography BSc students in water quantity and quality in the Canadian landscape. Capital and program support is also needed, as is funding for graduate and undergraduate student research in Water & Environmental Science.

Research Chair and Student Support in Health Sciences to raise the international profile of health science research at Laurier and play a leadership role in the Health Sciences program. There is also a need for scholarship funding for undergraduate and graduate students, specialized library resources and administrative support in the areas of recruiting and career services for health science students.

Science in Entrepreneurship: the Faculty of Science proposes to develop a Science in Entrepreneurship program linking research-related initiatives of the Faculty and the local/national and international business community, including co-operative development of business-related initiatives in areas such as green economies, groundwater science, computing technologies and material development. Practical seminars would help interested students develop the skills necessary to move into the business and entrepreneurial side of science.

Sun Life Financial Movement Disorders Research & Rehabilitation Centre: researches and provides rehabilitation for individuals with Parkinsonís and other movement disorders such as Huntingtonís disease and stroke. Laurier is the first university in Canada to integrate research and rehabilitation programs with a focus on movement disorders.

Student support: entrance, mid- and graduate awards and bursaries

Entrepreneurship (in conjunction with career, co-op and internship placements)

Graduate program, particularly in Biology, Chemistry, Financial Math and Kinesiology

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