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October 4, 2015
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How do I apply?

Admission requirements for Laurier are based on the Ontario Secondary School system. If you have not studied within the Ontario system, you'll need to provide an equivalent academic background.

For detailed information regarding full and part time admission requirements and procedures, cut off averages, deadlines, etc., please visit Laurier's Admissions Office web page. To apply for admission electronically, please visit the Web site of the Ontario Universities' Application Centre and complete the Compass on-line application form.

When should I apply?

You can apply for University at the beginning of November for the following September. We strongly encourage all potential students to apply as soon as possible. The admission process can take several weeks and it is beneficial for you to start this process as soon as possible. Your application must be received at the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) by the deadline for the session to which you are applying. Deadlines are indicated on the application. Applying by the appropriate deadline does not guarantee admission or space in specific courses and it is strongly suggested that you apply well in advance of the deadline.

What do I need to get in?

Ontario High School Applicants

Students will be considered fairly and equitably, provided that you meet all of the course prerequisites requirements specified for the program to which you've applied. When calculating your admission average Laurier includes your best 12 U and/ or 12 M courses. NOTE: All applicants must meet program-specific requirements; all required courses must be at a minimum of 60% unless otherwise stated; please consult admissions for program-specific requirements. Entrance cut-offs are not established until we have received all applicant marks. Please use our historical cut-offs as a guideline only, as admission cut-offs change every year depending on the size and quality of the applicant pool. For program cut-offs from last year, please visit the Undergraduate Admissions Web site.

Students who are currently enrolled in their senior year at an Ontario Secondary School should obtain an application form (OUAC 101) or PIN number (for on-line applications) from their guidance office.  The OUAC 101 application form is to be completed and submitted to the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) through your Secondary School.

Final and mid-term marks are collected on a regular basis by the OUAC from each Secondary School between January and August.  These grades are then distributed to the Universities. Application decisions are made on a rolling basis as the appropriate grade information becomes available.

For those students who are currently enrolled in their senior year at an Ontario secondary school that is not registered for the on-line process, paper application forms (OUAC 101) will be made available through your guidance office. The OUAC 101 application is to be completed and forwarded to the Ontario Universities Application Centre through the secondary school.

All Other Ontario Applicants

Applicants who are not currently attending an Ontario Secondary School on a full-time basis may apply  through the OUAC on-line application system. Students must select the appropriate type of 105 application.

The applicant is responsible for requesting official transcripts from both secondary and post-secondary schools. The transcripts must be sent directly from the issuing institution to the Admissions Office at Wilfrid Laurier University.

International Applicants

The applicant must also meet Laurier's requirements for proficiency in English. Students whose native tongue is not English are to submit to the Admissions Office, evidence acceptable to the University of their proficiency in English. Normally, this evidence is an acceptable score on one of the following: the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or the Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency (MELAB).

A minimum score of 560 is required in the paper-based TOEFL; a minimum score of 220 is required in the computer-based TOEFL; an overall score of 83 with an minimum of 20 in each component of the Internet-based test; a minimum score of 6.5 is required in IELTS; and a minimum score of 85 is required in the Michigan Test.

For more information on these tests, please refer to the contact information below:

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
Educational Testing Service
Rosedale Road
Princeton, NJ 08541 USA
Phone: 1-609-921-9000
Fax: 1-609-734-5410
Web site

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
Conestoga College of Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
IELTS Administrator
299 Doon Valley Drive
Kitchener ON
N2G 4M4
Tel: 1 519 748 3516
Fax: 1 519 748 5926
Web site (International Inquiries)

The English Language Institute (MELAB)
TCF Building, Suite 350
401 East Liberty
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2298 USA
Telephone: (734) 764-2416
Web site

Can I apply for January admission?

Applications for winter admission are accepted only if space is available. Please note that we do not accept applications for winter admission to Business, Kinesiology, or Music as these are limited enrollment programs. Winter admission to Arts is rare and based entirely on availability. We do accept applications for winter admission to our Science programs. Offers of Admission to full-time studies will only be made if spaces are available. Please consult with admissions for the status of availability to the program you are interested in. The deadline for application for winter admission can be found at the Undergraduate Admissions Office Website

How do I know if you have received my application?

If you have received an acknowledgment from the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) you can be assured that we have received your application. You will also receive an email confirmation from our Admissions Office, with details of accessing our ONLINE Viewing Feature.

One of Laurier's main methods of communication with you will be EMAIL. Please be sure to include a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS on your OUAC application, and check your email regularly.

What about College Transfers?

Students who are registered in College Diploma and Certificate programs are welcome to apply for admission to Laurier. In many cases, transfer credits are available. Please check with the Admissions Office for program requirements and eligibility, as College Applicants are assessed on an individual basis. See the Undergraduate Admissions Web site for more information.

Mohawk College Students are welcome to apply for admission to the Brantford campus as an Articulation Agreement with Mohawk College allows them to obtain a Bachelor of Arts from Brantford and a Mohawk Diploma from certain disciplines in only four years. Students in a variety of programs are eligible for transfer credit. Students in Mohawk's General Arts and Science Program are eligible for one year's transfer credit.

Can you tell me about Distance Education/Part-time studies?

Part-time and Distance Education is becoming an increasingly popular route of study for many students. In response, Laurier continues to grow the number and variety of courses offered through Part-time and Distance Education. Please visit the Part-time and Distance Education Web site for more detailed information on the courses available and the admission requirements.

If you are a new student and have never taken a course at Wilfrid Laurier University, the process to apply for part-time studies is as follows:

  1. Request a copy of the Application for Admission to Part-Time Studies from the Admissions Office;
  2. Complete and submit the Application for Admission to Part-Time Studies to the Ontario Universities' Application Centre along with the $45 application fee;
  3. Make arrangements for official transcripts to be forwarded directly to the Undergraduate Admissions Office at Wilfrid Laurier University. Official means that transcripts may not pass through the student's hands. The Ontario government requires all universities to have official educational documents on file for each student. Depending on your background, these documents would include:
    1. High school transcript
    2. University transcript
    3. Transcript from a college of applied arts and technology (CAAT)
  4. Complete and submit the Intent to register form (as well as the Distance Education Choice of Centre and Material Selection form, if appropriate) to the Office of the Registrar.

Complete details are outlined in the Application for Admission package.

If you are an Adult Student or Senior Citizen, please refer to the Part-time and Distance Education Web site.

Do you have a teaching program?

Yes, we offer a Concurrent BA/BEd Program.

The Concurrent Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Education program is offered only at our Brantford Campus. The major of the Bachelor of Arts is Contemporary Studies and the Bachelor of Education is offered at the Primary/Junior (P/J) or Junior/Intermediate (J/I) level. Graduates of this program receive their BA and BEd in only four years. For an Honours BA, this program takes five years.

The procedure for applying to the program is the same as for all other programs offered at Laurier. To apply online, please visit the Ontario Universities Application Centre. Please note that a Teaching Evaluation Package is also required. For more specific information on the BA/Bed program, visit the Laurier Brantford Web site

Laurier also offers a one year Consecutive Education program for students who have already graduated from university. For admission requirements please refer to the Faculty of Education website.

Do I have to submit my original transcripts or can I photocopy my report card?

The Admissions Office will only accept original transcripts or certified copies sent directly from the school you are attending or attended previously. We cannot accept any photocopies or report cards/grade reports. If your transcript is written in a language other than English, you must also provide certified English translations of your transcripts and any other supporting documents.

Do you require a TOEFL score or proof of English Proficiency?

At Laurier, we require a test of English proficiency for all students whose first language is not English and who have studied in an institution or school where the language of instruction is English for less than 3 years. We accept TOEFL, and we must receive an original score report that comes directly from the testing centre. A minimum score of 560 is required in the paper-based TOEFL: and a minimum score of 220 is required in the computer-based TOEFL.

Applicants who have studied successfully in an English instructional educational system on a full-time basis for a minimum of three years and who can present acceptable grades in English and other humanities/social science courses from their senior secondary year, may submit a request to be exempted from the English Language Proficiency requirement as stipulated above. Applicants who wish to apply for this exemption must provide the Admissions Office with a letter written by them detailing the reasons for their appeal and include a letter of recommendation from their secondary school principal or designate. The appropriate admissions committee assesses the request for exemption of this requirement.

Can I defer my acceptance?

Applicants wishing to defer admission must submit a Deferral Request Form to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. 

What is an Applicant Background Summary Form?

It is recommended that all applicants from Ontario High Schools complete the Applicant Background Summary Form. This form provides you with an opportunity to submit information about yourself, in addition to your grades. If your marks fall 3% short of the cut-off, our Admissions Office will automatically look at your ABS form and consider you for admission based on the information provided.  This form will only be considered from applicants from Ontario High Schools.

How Much Is Tuition?

You can find a full list of tuition costs and fees through our Business Office website.