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October 5, 2015
Canadian Excellence

Financial Aid

What are Laurier's scholarships like?

We work hard to ensure that our students get as much assistance as possible. In addition to loans through OSAP, numerous scholarships and bursaries are available, beginning with Laurier's entrance scholarship grid.

There is no need to apply for an entrance scholarship, as they are based on your high school marks. Additional entrance scholarships that require applications are also available to Laurier applicants and are also found on the Student Awards Website. At Laurier, we're doing our best to ensure that your University education remains affordable.

Will I be able to find a job on campus?

Lots of students need to work while they are at school, and Laurier hires hundreds of students every year. Between on-campus departments and the WLU Students' Union, there are lots of opportunities available for you to secure employment right on-campus. The Ontario Work Study program (available to students receiving OSAP assistance) also offers jobs on campus throughout the year, most with flexible hours. Laurier's Career Development Centre offers job training, resume workshops, and assistance with job searches.

How much are textbooks?

Depending on your program, course textbooks and materials vary in price from $700 - to over $1000. Mid-summer, textbook lists are posted online (Bookstore Website) for your Registered Courses. For your convenience the Laurier Bookstore offers the opportunity to order textbooks online, and avoid the line ups in the Fall. As well, many students and the Bookstore sell offer used textbooks to help decrease costs. For more detailed information, please visit our Bookstore Web site.