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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
October 26, 2014
Canadian Excellence


Business Administration at Laurier

The Laurier School of Business & Economics is one of Canada’s leading business schools and, with approximately 4,500 full-time students, it is also one of the largest. The School has more than 100 full-time and 65 part-time faculty and is noted for its innovative programs and commitment to teaching excellence. 

At Laurier, we believe that a broad education is essential for a career in management and individual development. Business students are exposed to learning in liberal arts and science in addition to business courses. At the end of the day, of course, you also get a great degree — the Laurier Bachelor of Business Administration, a degree you can always be proud of. 

Program highlights  

  • Comprehensive approach to business

The BBA program introduces business courses starting in first year and continues to build a broad foundation of business knowledge, with required courses in all functional areas. Most BBA students develop a specialization within the program, building expertise in brand communication, accounting, human resource management, marketing, finance, financial planning, supply chain management, entrepreneurship or insurance and risk management. This allows student to graduate with specialized knowledge in their area of interest, combined with a perspective of the business as a whole.

  • Fast track to CPA
Wilfrid Laurier University graduates enjoy a special status that makes becoming a Certified Professional Accountant faster and easier. The CPA accreditation process recognizes those universities achieving the highest standards of instruction in management accounting. Laurier is one of only nine CPA-accredited universities in Ontario, and graduates of our Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration (Accounting Stream) programs are exempt from writing Part I of the CPA Entrance Examination. For more information, visit the CPA website

  • Co-op option

Laurier offers the largest Business Co-op program in the country. Honours business administration students in co-op complete three work terms, beginning their alternating sequence of four-month work and study terms at the end of second year, and graduating four months after students in the regular sequence. With three work terms, not only can students help finance their education, but they are also able to experience different career options and develop marketable skills for the future.

Courses offered 

First year

  • Intro to Business Organization
  • Functional Areas of the Organization
  • Intro to Microeconomics
  • Intro to Macroeconomics
  • Calculus for Business & Economics Students


Students can concentrate in diverse areas of business including:

  • Accounting
  • Brand Communication
  • Business & Sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management  

Admissions requirements 

4U Requirements IB Requirements   Admission Range 

English at 70%;

Advanced Functions at 70%;

one of Calculus & Vectors or Data Management at 60%

Note: Prerequisite courses will be included in admission average  

HL or SL English at 4;

HL or SL Mathematics at 4

High 80's

IB Minimum score: 33 


People who study business know what they want: a career with a future. Business provides that future. Whether you study the broad spectrum or business or develop a specialization, a Laurier business education will give you the skills that an lead to a successful career in the private or public sectors, or as an entrepreneur responsible to on one but yourself.

Student experience

000_McCarty_headshot.jpg For as long as Gray McCarty can remember, he has always wanted a career in business, but he wasn’t always sure what path he would end up taking. “While in Grade 12, I vacillated between pursuing business or creative arts, with the hope of eventually getting into the world of advertising,” he recalls. 

Given his talent and drive for success, it came as no surprise when McCarty enrolled in Laurier’s School of Business & Economics (SBE). “I look at Laurier as being Ontario’s ‘secret sauce’ of business programs,” he says. “When you look at the numbers and at the rankings, SBE’s success speaks for itself.” 

Since coming to Laurier, McCarty has served as executive vice president of marketing and communications for the SBE’s Students’ Society for three years running. He’s also served as a student representative for a number of different committees and councils, including the SBE Faculty Council meetings, SBE new building steering committee and as a JDC Central advisor. 

McCarty, who has interned in HR Marketing at Apple in California, hopes to obtain a full-time job with Apple upon graduating from Laurier. While he has dreamed of working for Apple for the pas six years, he hopes to also keep his connection to Laurier. “I love this school and I have formed a great working relationship with the staff and faculty.” 

Faculty experience 

000_Ranaweera_headshot.jpgWhat makes people keep going back to a particular website? What are they looking for in a website? What makes them comfortable? Why do they trust certain Internet vendors sufficiently to submit personal information such as credit card numbers, but not others? 

“The Internet can be a risky place to do business,” says Laurier marketing professor, Dr. Chatura Ranaweera. “Some people are risk-averse or not comfortable doing some things. Others are more trusting and are more comfortable using technology.” 

Ranaweera and two colleagues, with a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, are surveying Internet users to establish if there are differences in what determines behaviours when consumers use various types of websites such as entertainment sites, information sites and commercial sites. 

Research like Ranaweera’s may be used to help companies and organizations improve their online services by better satisfying users’ expectations. 

Alumni experience 

000_Nowak_headshot.jpgAt 18, Anna Nowak wasn’t sure what kind of career she wanted. Fortunately, she found her calling in the Business Administration program at Laurier. “The way the business program works at Laurier lets you experience a bit of everything before you decide, and helps you make a more informed decision about what discipline you want to follow,” she says.

Nowak cites the atmosphere of the business school and the emphasis on group work in her courses as her favourite aspects of the program. “There are lots of extracurricular programs that are geared specifically towards the business program,” she says. “The competitions throughout the program let students apply their knowledge to real world situations.” 

Nowak graduated from the BBA program in 2007. In 2008, she became the seventh Laurier graduate to win the Ontario gold medal for the highest mark in the province on the 2008 Canadian Chartered Accountants’ exam. She currently works for Deloitte & Touche and is working towards completing her CA designation.