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CP316: Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing

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Department of Physics and Computer Science General Regulations [pdf]

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Development Environment Target Hardware
QwikFlash Development Board based on a PIC18F452 Microcontroller Reference Material

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Week of ... Lecture Lab
January 06


  • bring text to lab
  • bring a bound lab notebook to the lab (if you have room in the notebook you used for PC300, you can used the same lab notebook)
  • install software on home system

January 13
  • Correct errors in Huang text. If you find additional errors, let us know

Why one always writes to LATx instead of PORTx.

  • Breaking Me Softly [wmv, 13 min, November 2011, Microchip Technology]
    Introducing software breakpoints and comparing them to hardware breakpoints.
  • Using Watch Windows in MPLABX [screencast, 5 min]

January 20

January 27


February 03


  • Using the Stimulus Feature in MPLABX [screencast: 7:52 min]


For home machine:

  • Math18 [ MATH18.zip from local server; MATH18.exe or MATH18.zip from http://www.picbook.com/ ]
  • Math routines for the PIC18 series chips. Install the routines to the C:\MATH18 directory. Installation to another directory will require a slight modification to sample programs.
February 17 READING WEEK  
February 24

March 03

March 7 is last day to drop course.

March 10
  • Prelab: Digital Compass and I2C

  • project plan and schedule in writing in lab book
  • group to set deliverable for next week in writing in lab notebook
  • all of the above to be discussed with Terry in lab (do not hand in)
  • Terry to sign: plan, schedule, and deliverable


March 17
  • project
  • project
  • Deliverable: as promised by the group

March 24
  • project
  • project
  • Deliverable: as promised by the group

March 31
  • project & demonstration
  • Project Demonstration - April 4 ?
April 9-30 No Final Exam  

© 2002-2014 Nora Znotinas, Wilfrid Laurier University