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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of  Music
August 20, 2017
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Faculty/Staff Listing

Faculty of Music

Waterloo, ON,
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Ellis, Renée
Administrative Manager

Faculty of Music
Faculty of Music listed alphabetically by Department


Ahonen, Dr. Heidi
Professor of Music Therapy; Director of the Manfred and Penny Conrad Institute for Music Therapy Research (CIMTR)
Alexeyev, Prof. Anya
Associate Professor, Piano
Arnason, Dr. Carolyn
Associate Professor, Music Therapy, Graduate Coordinator, Master of Music Therapy program
Barber, Prof. Kimberly
Associate Professor, Voice; Administrative Co-ordinator of Opera
Bauman, Carol
Contract Academic Staff; Musical Skills, Percussion Techniques
Baumgartel, Julie
Laurier String Academy
Bell, Dr. Jeremy
Artist-in-Residence, Violin, Chamber Music
Bindig, Marianne
Contract Academic Staff; Voice
Brickman, Nina
Contract Academic Staff; French Horn
Buhr, Dr. Glenn
Professor, Composition; Co-Director, Improvisation Concerts Ensemble
Campion, Dave
Contract Academic Staff; Percussion
Carruthers, Dr. Glen
Dean, Faculty of Music (on administrative leave until July 2017)
Castello, Joseph
Contract Academic Staff;Trombone
Clements-Cortes, Dr. Amy
Contract Academic Staff, Music Therapy; Clinical and Graduate Supervisor
Conrod, Derek
Contract Academic Staff; French Horn
De Sousa, Beth Ann
Accompanist-in-Residence; Coordinator, Chamber Music
De'Ath, Prof. Leslie
Professor, Piano, Vocal Diction, Coaching, Keyboard Literature; Music Director of Opera Program; Coach Accompanist, Opera Diploma
Donovan, Anne-Marie
Contract Academic Staff
Dorsey, Dick
Contract Academic Staff; Oboe
Edwards, Ross
Contract Academic Staff; Clarinet
Fagan, Leslie
Contract Academic Staff; Voice
Ferenc, Dr. Anna
Associate Professor, Music Theory
Ferretti, Dr. Joseph
Contract Academic Staff; Piano
Few, Guy
Contract Academic Staff; Trumpet
Froese, Elvera
Accompanist-in-Residence, Vocal Coach and Accompanist; Conductor, Maureen Forrester Singers
Gemmell, Lori
Contract Academic Staff; Harp Instructor
Hall, Eric
Contract Academic Staff; Bassoon
Hamilton, Dr. Amy
Professor, Flute; Co-ordinator of Winds, Brass, and Percussion
Hatch, Dr. Peter
Professor, Composition; Co-ordinator of Composition
Kaplanek, Prof. Jerzy
Associate Professor, Violin, Strings and Chamber Music, Co-ordinator of String Program, QuartetFest
Kearns, Dr. Michael
Contract Academic Staff; Trombone Techniques
Kroetsch, Terry
Contract Academic Staff; Musical Skills, Piano
Kun, Dr. Jessica
Associate Professor; Conductor, WLU Wind Orchestra
Ladano, Kathryn
Contract Academic Staff; Improvisation; Co-Director, Improvisation Concerts Ensemble
Lalonde, Amanda
Contract Academic Staff; Music and its Contexts
Larson, Larry
Contract Academic Staff; Trumpet
Lau, Elaine
Contract Academic Staff; Piano
Lee, Dr. Colin
Professor, Music Therapy; Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies, Music Therapy
Leis, Brandon
Contract Academic Staff; Voice
Lichti, Prof. Daniel
Associate Professor, Voice
Ludolph, Debbie Lou
Dean of Chapel, Kanata Centre of Worship and Global Song (director); CAS, Vocal Techniques
Maness, Jane
Contract Academic Staff; Tuba
Mara, Stephanie
Coach Accompanist, Strings/Winds/Brass
Mason, James
Contract Academic Staff, Oboe
McKenna, Terry
Contract Academic Staff; Guitar
McKittrick, Cam
Contract Academic Staff, Composition
McLean, James
Contract Academic Staff; Voice
Mieske, Lynda
Contract Academic Staff, Voice
Mitchell, Elizabeth
Contract Academic Staff; Music Therapy Supervisor; Special Member of Laurier's Graduate Faculty
Morrison, Dr. Charles
Professor, Faculty of Music, Coordinator of Music Theory
Mullin, Carolyn
Contract Academic Staff; Music Theory
Nagtegaal, Marlin
Contract Academic Staff; Organ
Neumann VanderBurgh, Carolyn
Contract Academic Staff; Education
O'Donnell, Kevin
Contract Academic Staff; Flute, Chamber Music, Flute Techniques
Paynter, Dr. Terry
Contract Academic Staff; Instructor, Theory, Musical Skills
Pulford, Prof. Paul
Professor, Cello; Director of Orchestral Studies (Conductor, WLU Symphony Orchestra)
Ramessar, Kevin
Contract Academic Staff; Guitar Techniques (Winter)
Robertson, Katherine
Contract Academic Staff; French Horn
Ronai, Anna
Coach-Accompanist, Voice
Santosuosso, Dr. Alma
Professor, Musicology; Co-ordinator of Music History
Schirm, Ron
Contract Academic Staff; Jazz Ensemble
Schlaikjer, Dr. Katie
DMA, Artist-in-residence, Penderecki String Quartet, Cello; Director, Laurier String Academy
Scholtes, Marcus
Instructor, Laurier String Academy
Shackleton, Peter
Musician-in-residence (Clarinet)
Shalanko, Lorin
Coach Accompanist, Voice and Saxophone
Smith, Linda Catlin
Contract Academic Staff; Composition
St. Pierre, Dr. Vicki
Contract Academic Staff, Voice
Swinden, Dr. Kevin
Acting Dean (Jan 1, 2017 - June 30, 2017); Associate Professor, Music Theory; Associate Dean
Taves, Dr. Heather
Associate Professor, Piano, Fortepiano
Thomas, Rachel
Contract Academic Staff; Trombone
Van Weelden, Marnie
Contract Academic Staff; Piano
Vascotto, Dr. Norma
Contract Academic Staff; Music History
Vlajk, Prof. Christine
Artist-in-Residence, Viola, Strings and Chamber Music
Wagler, Trevor
Contract Academic Staff; Musical Skills
Whitman, Ian
Contract Academic Staff; Double Bass
Wiffen, Dave
Contract Academic Staff; Saxophone
Willingham, Dr. Lee
Associate Professor, Director, Laurier Centre for Music in the Community, Music Education; Director, WLU Choir; Co-ordinator of Music Education, Program Co-ordinator Master of Arts in Community Music
Yri, Dr. Kirsten
Associate Professor, Musicology
Yun, Dr. Gerard

Master of Arts in Community Music

Willingham, Dr. Lee
Associate Professor, Director, Laurier Centre for Music in the Community, Music Education; Director, WLU Choir; Co-ordinator of Music Education, Program Co-ordinator Master of Arts in Community Music
Yun, Dr. Gerard


Barette, Mieke
Outreach and Student Recruitment Coordinator
Carruthers, Emily
Music Therapy Placement Coordinator
Ellis, Renée
Administrative Manager
Gauci, Kathy
Academic Adivsor & Auditions Coordinator
Hergel, John
Performance Facilities Manager
Lovi, Wray
Piano Technician
McAfee, Danny
Piano Technician
Skillman, Rebecca
Financial Analyst