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June 27, 2017
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German Immersion Weekend

Dec 14/04

German Immersion Weekend (November 5 – November 7   2004)

Grüße an alle!  Ten lucky German students from Wilfrid Laurier were fortunate enough to take part in the annual German Immersion Weekend earlier this month.

The other nine students, along with myself got to go to a retreat center in Durham where we met up with ten German students from the University of Guelph and two of their German T.A'.s.  A great weekend was had by all. The fun and excitement started on Friday night with a traditional German dinner, and carried on until Sunday, when we got back on the bus to come back home. It was a great experience and I believe that everyone learned a great deal.  Throughout the weekend, we played a number of various games in German, cooked traditional German dishes, and best of all, spoke lots of German!  Whether we were learning how to make Kartoffelsalat, or whether we were taking a Jacuzzipause, everyone was trying their best to speak their mind using the German that they knew.  It was a great opportunity to meet fellow German students here at the WLU, as well as to meet German students from another university.  Everyone got along great, and I feel as though everyone walked away from that weekend with a smile on their face, great memories, and at least twenty new friends, or should I say...Freunde. This was my second time participating in German Immersion Weekend, and unfortunately my last, since I am graduating this year. I strongly encourage all to take part in this amazing weekend, because it is a great time. 
Auf Wiedersehen!
Chris Gordon 

This weekend was organized by Dr. Alexandra Zimmermann (German section)

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