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September 22, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Contract Academic Staff (CAS) Information

Notice of positions will be posted according to the following schedule:

  • Spring Term/Intersession and Summer Sessions - on or before February 1
  • Fall/Winter - on or before June 1
  • Winter term (unfilled) - on or before October 1
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CAS Faculty Manual


Part-time Appointment Committee (PTAC) Members 
Chinh Hoang (chair)
Alexei Kaltchenko
Ilias Kotsireas
Hongbing Fan (alternate)
TBA (alternate)
Contract Academic Staff Appointments 

CAS Fall 2017

AS101A Ioannis Haranas
CP164A David Brown
CP202A Rich Hildred
CP212A Rick Henderson
CP213A - David Brown
CP317A David Brown
CP/PC320A Terry Sturtevant
PC/CP319A - Mohamad Abou El Nasr
AS101OC1 Art Read
CP102OC1, CP102OC3 John Saville

CAS Winter 2018

AS101B Glynis Perrett
CP363A David Brown
CP373A - 
CP464A -
CP476A David Brown
PC235A Ioannis Haranas
PC242A Ioannis Haranas
PC331A Ioannis Haranas
AS101OC2 Art Read
AS102OC2 Art Read
CP102OC2, CP102OC4 John Saville

CAS Spring 2018

CP104D -
CP212D -
AS101OC2 -
AS102OC3 -