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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
March 28, 2017
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Computing & Computer Electronics (BSc)

The aim of the program is to develop an in-depth understanding of computer hardware, microprocessors, microelectronics, digital systems, and software design. The program consists of a minimum of 20 full-credit courses (or equivalent).

This schedule serves as a guide to the order that the courses may be taken. Students may follow a different schedule of their choice.

Fall Term Winter Term
Year 1 CP104 Introduction to Programming
MA110* Intro to Differential & Integral Calculus
(or MA103 Calculus I)
MA122 Introductory Linear Algebra
PC131 Mechanics
0.5 elective credit
CP114 Data Structures
MA110* Intro to Differential & Integral Calculus
(0.5 elective credit if MA103 taken in Fall)
MA121 Introduction to Mathematical Proofs
PC120 Digital Electronics
PC132 Thermodynamics & Waves
Year 2 CP213 Intro to Object-Oriented Programming
MA201 Multivariable Calculus
MA205 Differential Equations I
PC200 Electronics Laboratory I
PC212 Electricity and Magnetism
CP216 Microprocessor I
CP217 Introduction to System Programming
PC221 Analog Electronics
PC237 Optics
0.5 elective credit
Year 3 CP317 Software Engineering
PC300 Electronics Laboratory II
PC319 Digital Systems Design
PC364 Data Communications & Networks
PC481 Fibre Optics
0.5 elective credit
CP316 Microprocessor Systems & Interfacing
MA240 Introduction to Probability & Statistics
1.5 elective credits
Year 4
CP464 Selected Topics in Computer Hardware
PC474 Optical Networks
One of:
  • PC450 Instrumentation
  • PC471 Analog Electronics II
  • PC475 Design of Control Systems
1.5 elective credits of 400 level courses in Computer Science (CP) or Physics (PC)
2.0 elective credits


  1. For progression into the next year, and for graduation, the requirement is
    • a minimum cumulative GPA of 5.00 (C) calculated on the Physics and Computer Science courses combined and
    • a minimum cumulative overall GPA of 5.00 (C).

  2. Maximum of 7 100-level credits are allowed.


All courses listed are one-half credit, except for courses marked with:
* 1 credit course
0.25 credit course